Online Kids' Art Camps


The camp will start at 10 am with an ice breaker activity. Then the teacher will introduce the art project. After an hour of work, we will take a small break to play games online and socialize. Then participants will get back to the project. At 12 pm, we will take a 1-hour break for the kids to have lunch with their families. We will resume the camp at 1 pm. In the afternoon we will work on the final project until 2 pm. Then we will take another break to play games online and socialize. Then, we will work until 3 pm to complete the art project. On Wednesdays, we will have Wondering Wednesdays in which we have a special online activity for the kids. 

This summer students will learn about art techniques, well-known artists, and significant art movements through exciting themes.
Mon-Fri, 10:00-12:00 / 1:00-3:00 | Ages 6-10 |

Week 1: Celebration of Nations (June 29 - July 3): Kids will celebrate significant Holidays from different countries while learning about other cultures and art movements. 

Week 2: It’s a wonderful world (July 6-10): Kids will celebrate diversity and inclusion while creating artworks inspired by different cultures in our wonderful world. 

Week 3: A pocket full of colors (July 13-17): Kids will learn all there is to know about the color wheel and the color theory while creating complete colorful artworks.

Week 4: A week in the Wonderland (July 20-24): Kids will explore the world of fantasy and create complete artworks inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Week 5: Colorful is the new green (July 27- 31): Kids will learn the importance of conservation and will create colorful artworks using recycled materials.

Week 6: Time travelers (August 3-7): Kids will travel through time while learning and exploring important milestones in the arts.

Week 7: Art outside the box (August 10-14) :Kids will be encouraged to think outside the box while creating unique artworks.

Week 8: A week at the farm (August 17-21): Kids will get inspired by the beautiful scenery of farms to create amazing art pieces while learning to create animal portraits.  


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